Most of Florida wasn't hit as hard by Irma as a lot of people expected.  So that's the best news.  But here are a few other good news stories we've seen . . . 

A couple in their 20s named Lauren Durham and Michael Davis were supposed to get married this week.  But they're both first responders in the Air National Guard.  So they decided to CANCEL the wedding and just focus on helping people.  But another Air National Guard member happened to be a notary.  So they ended up getting married DURING the storm instead.

A reporter for NBC named Kerry Sanders was on Marco Island yesterday, near the northern tip of the Everglades.  And he helped save two dolphins that got beached.  One was a baby, and the other might have been the mom.

Two manatees also got stuck Sunday morning when all the water in an inlet near Tampa got sucked out by the storm.  But they survived after random people were able to roll them onto a tarp and carry them out to deeper water.

A woman in Miami went into labor on Sunday while she was all by herself, and no one could get to her.  So she had to deliver the baby HERSELF.  But several doctors talked her through it on the phone.  Then paramedics finally got her to a hospital, and everyone's okay.  She had a daughter and DIDN'T name her "Irma" . . . but did make her middle name "Storm."