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J.J. Hemingway

Originally from Seattle J.J. is the Morning show host at UP 99-3 Monday-Saturday mornings. He followed in his father's footsteps and made radio his career---starting at age 16 in his hometown of Seattle, and since then has worked coast to coast in Georgia, North & South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Montana and North Dakota. J.J. - as you may remember - was with our sister station KISS 98.1 in Spokane for 14 years. And he's had his own production company for 19 years called "CBS-Spokane" and provides voiceovers and narrations for radio stations and companies all over the U.S.

J.J. has a son in Georgia and a daughter in the Seattle area. He is a fan of movies, music, and concerts. He also bowls and has had a number of 300 games to his credit. He's a big fan of the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks and of the Cougs and Zags! And he dates a very special girl named Sherry who lives in Greenacres.

He attends Life Center here in Spokane and his Christian faith is a very important part of his life, and the way he ends his radio show everyday is with this phrase---"No matter what the weather's like you can always and I do mean always---let the SON shine in your life."


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